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Our Clinical Treatment Approach


Individuals with neurological conditions and their families may experience unique stressors associated with their medical diagnosis. Changes in functioning, including those presenting acutely or gradually over time, may cause difficulties with one’s adjustment and challenges with interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Fedio practices an integrative form of therapy which merges cognitive and behavioral theory and techniques with an existential/humanistic approach.

Her years of experience conducting research with individuals with neurological disorders and teaching graduate-level coursework focusing on clinical applications of brain-behavior relations enable her to have a comprehensive appreciation for the complex interactions of biological and environmental factors affecting individuals with neurological disorders.

The therapy experience will begin with a diagnostic interview to assess the range of functioning and presenting problems. Our work together will be collaborative and grounded in evidence-based techniques selected to address each individual's unique presentation. The goals are to provide the client with tools to optimize their functioning and adjustment to living with a neurological condition and to help the family better understand and support them.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological assessment is an invaluable clinical tool used to explore an individual’s cognitive and emotional/behavioral functioning within the context of neurological changes.

Typically, a combination of measures assessing ability and performance, as well as self-report of one’s functioning, is offered. Dr. Fedio will conduct a clinical interview with the client and ideally also a family member, review medical records, and administer tests and procedures to address referral questions.

At the time of scheduling the evaluation, an estimated length of testing time will be discussed. The length of a neuropsychological evaluation varies depending upon the referral questions and presenting symptomatology. Testing may be scheduled across several visits or completed in one day.

A written neuropsychological report will summarize findings and interpretation and offer recommendations for treatment.

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